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Skin Script is the latest in skin care thinking and was founded in 2007, in Tempe, Arizona. Lisa VanBockern, the owner and founder of Skin Script, is an esthetician with a primary focus on medical esthetics.  Two physicians and five estheticians developed Skin Script which is chirally correct products, which means the molecules in the products have been modified to match the skin’s molecules, for better penetration and less irritation, and they are formulated for all ethnicities.

Skin Script incorporates glycolic, lactic, retinol, and salicylic acid in our products for customizable skin care both professionally and at home. Our specialty are our beautiful fruit-based enzymes and our chemical peels that are gentle yet effective. Dave Waggoner, Director of Education, provides more insight into this growing company.

For more information, visit their website skinscriptrx.com or email Dave at [email protected]

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