048 Influential Marketing Part 4

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Creating content is a sure way to build your influence.

You need to deliver the right message to the right people. But how do you know what the “right” type of content is for your audience? Simple: you just ask them. Asking your audience what they would like to see is the most surefire way to give them what they want.

People with very little time to spare may prefer audiobooks and podcasts that allow them to digest your content audibly while they are performing other tasks. Other people prefer reading text as a learning medium. Make sure the type of content you are delivering is presented in the proper form for your audience, and preferably in more than one format for people with different learning styles.

Creating content that builds your influence also requires consistency. Your email should be formatted the same way each time. If you publish a weekly blog post, make sure it arrives on the same day, at the same time each week. If you build a following via webinars and physical seminars, don’t change to teleconferences and membership groups as a way of getting your content out.

When you are seen as a credible source of information, your influence builds automatically. To get started, deliver information that your audience already views as factual and reliable. Add your content to that industry-accepted information and you’ll piggyback on what is already respected, lending your message immediate acceptance.

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