047 Influence Marketing Part 3

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To become an influencer, you first have to recognize the mindset that all prominent industry influencers have. Then you need to know exactly who and what you are attempting to influence. You need to determine what beauty niche product and service you are going to become an expert on. This means thinking in terms of specialization, not generalization.

Another benefit of determining your niche is speed. When you are targeting a smaller, more focused market, you have fewer competitors. This means you can become a market influencer more quickly than if you were targeting a larger marketplace.

Once you have identified the market you are going to influence, be proactive. Always think about how you can provide value. Be a useful source of information. Be persistent and consistent, answering questions, solving problems, and giving recommendations on a regular basis. You should also remember the golden rule of marketing in the 21st century: Before you speak, publish, or create anything, make sure it is focused on the interests of your target market, not your own interests or desires.

Influence looks different to  many people. You remain in your lane and your right audience will appear.

See you next week for part 4.

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