041 Tips to Selling

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I hoped you liked the previous episodes on selling. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, be sure to check out episodes 39 and 40.

In this episode, we discuss, Tips to Selling when you don’t like to sell or are afraid to sell.

If you are not a natural born sales person you can develop the skills, even if you hate selling. The most effective salespeople are the ones who aren’t focused on making a sale. Yes, that’s right! Their focus is on the relationship. When you develop a relationship, it is much better to sell. And with practice, it will come more naturally.

Also, stop trying so hard to make the sale. This may not be an easy task when we have sales goal. But when you. forget about the money you’ll make when they buy, or your sales goal, you can take off some pressure. Instead focus on helping your customer. It’s important that you be honest and show you care about them. Tell them the truth, no matter how it affects your bottom line.

Stay tuned as I share more insights on this final installment of Selling Like a Pro.

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