038 Tiffany Diaz Why Massage Therapy is Essential

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Tiffany Diaz has the passion and drive that would make her a success in any profession she undertook.

She is a massage therapist and business owner who teaches Ashiatsu, a westernized version of the Asian style of deep tissue effleurage massage that incorporated her feet and toes, thus saving her hands.  This has become one of the most rewarding vocations she had ever experienced. She is also  grateful to have found a way to share locally the knowledge that she had to travel so far to receive.

Tiffany is uniquely positioned to recognize how new methods in health care are beginning to center around individualized approaches to treatment. Her experience in alternative holistic therapies of bodywork and the understanding of pathology triggers in relation to a person’s overall health are a key component in her perspective for total wellness. Her goal is to become a functional medicine provider and educate patients about utilizing diet, lifestyle modifications and techniques like massage to reduce stress and inflammation.

Currently available are Patho Made Easy: Your Guide to Understanding Inflammation, Immunity & the Gut Microbiome – Patho Made Easy: Your Guide to Understanding Autoimmunity.

(These courses have been approved by NCBTMB)

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