036 LaKesha Brown Personal and Professional Self Care

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LaKesha Brown, founder of Uncommon Chick Media, is a Visual Branding Strategist who is wildly passionate about helping high-achieving women, who are ridiculously awesome at what they do, create profitable brands so they can stand out in their fields, get hired by the best and do good in their world. She powerfully supports business owners who struggle with website design, personal branding, social networking and owning their unique style by focusing on smart ideas, creative designs, and clarity of message.

In addition, she is the founder of the Uncommon Chick Lifestyle Blog and Escape Normal podcast, which is all about personal development and self-care for ambitious women and escaping from mediocrity and settling.

She’s also that chick who often swaps out the keyboard for colored pencils to color her way to relaxation, rest, empowerment and positivity and can be easily bribed with sweet smelling candles. 🙂

You can find LaKesha on Facebook uncommonchick, Twitter uncommonchickand Instagram: @uncommomchick

For  branding and design  uncommonchickmedia.com and for Lifestyle Blog/Podcastcommonchick.com