A highly-sought after licensed esthetician with unwavering dedication to pushing the limits in the fashion and beauty industry. She is the founder and team leader at neishaweston.com branching off into aesthetics coaching and mentorship. Her landmarks and experience in the industry have positioned her as one of the most innovative and resourceful beauty experts in California where she currently impacts the society with her expertise.

Neisha is not just the esthetician the next door, her experience in insurance and as a Human Resource Director in a logistics company makes her value the learning process and believes she can help startups to make a fortune from aesthetics without compromising on the acceptable level of quality standards. Whether you see Neisha in her salon or on the web, her passion for inspiring people in and beyond her locale never ceases.

She is dedicated to helping starters in the beauty business get equipped, push their limits and accomplish their life goals. Her coaching classes are poised on showing estheticians and salon owners how to maximize profits through retail sales by employing best practices, building trust and improving communication with clients.

Keeping a tab on the trending information is important to Neisha, so she is constantly on the lookout for the latest technology and best practices from a variety of sources. She feels estheticians must make it a priority to keep up with new methods and techniques to deliver the best possible service to meet clients’ specific needs.

What gives her the most joy is networking with other aestheticians exchanging ideas and tools needed to build a formidable career. Her mission is to turn around the beauty business landscape by providing sales education that a wannabe needs to become a pro.