Entrepreneurs are pulled in many directions since we wear many hats with family life, which includes our mate, children a household. Business concerns include rent, customer service, products, inventory, bills, and many other things. It can all get overwhelming unless we reevaluate to maximize the most from our business.

Think back to the time you felt when you quit your day job and woke up on your first day of running your own business. What made you feel so happy? Chances are, it was that feeling of complete freedom; of being your own boss, and setting your own hours. Those things are great, but I know maximizing our opportunities will get us to where we want to be.

Fast forward to now, one year, two years, three years or more after startup, and chances are that level of excitement is gone. The reality you’re facing is that you’re working and desire to see more results. That can happen through streamlining your business by delegation, bartering, or offering an internship opportunity.


Could you maximize on your health? Your health could be better. Right? I feel you on that. I can come up with many excuses about not going to the gym but as I stayed consistent, the easier it got. Are you eating the way you should or fitting in your visits to the gym? Look for a way to maximize on your health. I’ve started food prepping and chatting with my health conscious friends.


I recently read that 80% of the population do not have goals, and that of the 20% who do, only 1% execute on their goals. I almost fell out of my chair. Acting on your goals are key to maximize. There are many ways to maximize your business and one important way is to do your research, then focus on growing and marketing your business. Now, I’m not saying not to see what other businesses are doing. Yes, do that, but also use your abilities to gain an advantage and maximize on what you do best.


If any of this resonates with you,  it’s important to shift that focus not on what you cannot control, but on how you can create a mindset shift that will maximize your life and business. This year, within Wealthy Esthe, I will focus on the mindset shift when it comes to marketing, branding your business, and more. You can move into maximizing sooner then you think.

Let’s make the best of the new year and leave doubt, fear, and reservations in 2017. Embrace your business with perseverance, hope, and opportunity.

There are also simple actions we can—and should—take too. Steps to put us in the position of being able to look at things with optimism and a positive mindset, so we can maximize every opportunity.

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